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Born & raised in the Bay Area, my creative bones were forged in this place of inherent inspiration. Having discovered music, recording & computer technology all around the same time, I have been motivated to use them as a means to reach a significant goal. One of achieving breakthroughs that not only aid my career as a creative, but also to the ability for others to materialize the greatest things in their imaginations. I'm committed to forever marrying my passion for music, love of sound, and quest to connect with people.

As a producer & audio engineer, my career is highlighted by my work capturing artists live in the studio as their true, uninhibited selves. Though hard to put all in one list, I've worked out of many world-class facilities including Tiny Telephone, Fantasy Studios, Skywalker Ranch, Jingletown & recently, TRI Studios, where I was a staff engineer. My credits include The National, Slightly Stoopid, Finish Ticket, Grateful Dead, & The Stone Foxes to name a few.

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  • Brad Dollar - My personal website for everything regarding my music production work.


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