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I was born a poor middle class white child in the western Midwest (an off-take on a Steve Martin comedic schtick). I've been an adventurer my entire life. Adrenaline has given me the rush I've always needed. Climbing on to the roof of the house as a kid and jumping to the ground. Climbing granite spires without ropes or climbing gear. Always testing and pushing the boundaries a bit at a time to further push the limits. I still push those limits on the ski slopes, the mountains, the lakes, and on the oceans. I've also always had a thing for the great outdoors. Instilled upon me as a child by my father who would take my siblings and I fishing and hunting, and by my mother who would take us kids out exploring the back roads and highways. I've found my zen moments now in fly fishing and my adrenaline moments in my other sports. And I've also found the love of my life in my wife Jana. Come enjoy my adventures and experiences with me!

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