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BRADLEY GLENN is a Emmy-nominated and award-winning producer and director creating content on multiple platforms and genres. His film "The Battle of the Bozos" won best documentary short at the first ever Williamsburg Film Festival, and also won an "Official Best of Fest" award recognizing the film as in the top 5% of all independent films playing at festivals. It will premiere on PBS in 2011 and is available on DVD. He created the original series “BobbleCenter”, a parody of ESPN’s SportsCenter with bobblehead dolls, for the re-launch of the Sports Illustrated Kids website, still the most popular series on the site. He produced the first webisodes for “Top Chef” for Bravo on, leading to a pilot series development for featured chef Lee Ann Wong. He created the documentary series “Hooking Up: Real Stories of Love, Sex, and Relationships” for Al Gore’s cable network Current TV, which named him a “Producer To Watch” and the “Hooking Up” pilot episode a “Current TV Classic”. He has produced for G4 Network’s #1 show “Attack of the Show!” and their video game show “X-Play”. He has directed and produced a two-hour version of Robert McKee’s acclaimed live screenwriting seminar “Story”, and a sponsored commercial series for golf company Tour GCX, airing on broadcast TV and online.

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