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Southeast Michigan

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As a basic summary, I am a new media expert with a unique blend of creative, technology, and analytical/planning skills who specializes in video for the web, internet marketing, and social networking/media. I currently have approximately over 50 major corporate videos, 50 television episodes and commercials, an award winning PBS documentary, and more than 8 years of production/post-production and new media experience under my belt. Currently, I am using my digital media skills at Ford Motor Company as the Video Coordinator for Public Affairs, Broadcast Operations, and Employee Communications.

On a personal level, my beautiful wife and I were married in November of 2007 and currently live in our first house located in Oak Park, MI. Married life is amazing. The house is a work in progress. Our love gets better and better every day! We love to watch movies, go for walks, ride bikes, cook together, hang out with friends, and do home remodeling projects. No kids yet... but for sure in the future. For now we are content trying to learn to live with our rescued puppies Bomber (toy poodle) and Gunner (mini poodle and Bichon Frize mix).

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