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Los Angeles, California

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Hi my name is Brad it makes sense because that really is my name. Often confused with Batman. And I believe in unicorns. I also ride a scooter, that makes me so rad. I'm not sure what the point of me having a vimeo account is, but i have it and it's all mine. I help Promote Bands, and Clothing Lines, I post music, music videos, and rad shit so subscribe to me! If you want to let me know how much you love my page, please tell me. It'll only make me stronger in fighting the forces of evil. If you hate it, tell me so that I can hate you back. Am I afraid of Bees? No why? AHHH A BEE!!! Once tipped a stripper with a filet-o-fish. Enjoy my vimeo page. Oh and say hi to your mom for me. - Nothing Personal

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