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Dr. Brad Semp is a busyness expert dedicated to helping people to get out of busyness and get down to business. As the host of the Effortless Productivity show on Busyness.com, Dr. Brad shares a systems-based approach to help you take streamlined and focused action to produce results quickly and effortlessly. Dr. Brad’s clients include individuals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and Fortune 500 corporations. He has a knack for untangling and optimizing business systems and for designing actions that produce intended results in a scalable and sustainable manner.

Dr. Brad holds a PhD Systems Engineering, is a registered Professional Engineer (PE), a Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP), has multiple product patents in the United States, and is a sought after speaker on topics including busyness, personal and workplace productivity, and entrepreneurship. Register to receive Dr. Brad’s weekly Effortless Productivity Insights newsletter and watch his Effortless Productivity WebTV show at Busyness.com.

Dr. Brad is also the founder of Cashmaps® and CEO Cashmap Systems, LLC that focuses on providing step-by-step action templates for entrepreneurs and businesses. Brad’s team has produced and distributed thousands of Cashmaps that help entrepreneurs and business owners to perform a multitude of business activities ranging from marketing to online traffic generation and more. You can find out more and download over 60 Strategy Cashmap templates for free by visiting Cashmap.com.

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