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Brad Standley was born on a small farm in Northern California in the town of Sebastopol. Raised amongst the cattle and a good distance from civilization he learned to live in his own world of bizarre sounds and musical phrases. Never knowing that this was a different way of being he had no shame walking around completely oblivious to the world, singing odd melodies to the beat of his shoes hitting the pavement. As a child he began his stretch as a musical theater performer, which brought him through university at Cal State Fullerton and across the Atlantic with the European tour of HAIR.

Brad toured Europe for the next two years, so to pass the long bus rides he brought along a guitar to learn, which his mom had bought at a flea market. In teaching himself to play, the idea was not to learn to play as everyone else does but to find the bizarre sounds of his childhood in this box of wood. Life began to teach him some harsh lessons and his aversion to lyrics fell away to find him writing songs.

As things often do the tour ended and he took the two suitcases in which he had all of his possessions and dropped them in New York. He began joining the singer/songwriter community of the City as his career as an actor expanded in and around Manhattan. Refining his folk based roots with his bluesy voice, and cultivating this element of Circus a la Tom Waits.

The call of the West Coast eventually proved too much and he settled out in LA. He became a radio announcer for KCLA and shot several TV shows and films but began to realize that his life was meant to be lived in the world of music. It was then that he met Ricardo Esteves who brought a much needed second pair of ears to the situation. Ricardo came from a solid background of Punk Rock music and his ears as a producer were truly astonishing. The two sat down and created Brad Standley & The Foxflies, and recorded their first album mainly using hollowed out closets and stolen studio time.

After a long string of unreliable band mates, including for a small period a plastic skeleton on the drums, the guys fell upon the baby of the group Matt Linsky to finalize the much-needed lead guitar position. The eclectic nature of the sound had been solidified. Ricardo brought both his punk rock and his flamenco influences, while Matt came armed with fiery blues chops kissed with wicked jazz scales, and Brad filled it out with that as of yet indefinable style that he had been creating since childhood.

The group then toured Europe playing with some fairly large artists and getting a decent amount of play on the scene in France and has recently come back to start collaborating on their second album. The sound has evolved a long way from the circus folk songs he had been dreaming up in his solo days. Things are drifting darker and this element of the wandering Gypsy and the rodeo clown are becoming more and more present. As the new album uncovers itself so does the destiny of the group and they all follow the lead of the Foxflies.