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Having been surrounded by art throughout my life, I am reminded of how important it is to be thoughtful, yet spontaneous. Traditional art lies in the base of my artistic background. I have been drawing for years and I remain inspired to continue drawing. I enjoy conventional art, but my fascination in the complexity of digital art serves as my favorite medium. Enamored with photo-manipulation, I appreciate the mix of unconventional modes of design, incorporating a wide variety of techniques and effects. The ability to blend images together, ‘paint’ in light, shadows and colors similar to how a painter would interpret an image to their liking provides an interesting twist. Utilizing digital art challenges me to look at the creative process differently than when I only applied traditional mediums.

Living in Los Angeles for most of my life set the initial stage for exploration. Found images at flea markets and yard sales provide the basis to present a vision that merges the past with the present. I first began working with photographic source material as inspiration when I developed an interest in fleeting moments captured almost a lifetime ago. I date my fascination with Old Hollywood Glamour when I first saw a caricature of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe posing together in a Hollywood Souvenir Shop. In my paintings, my work is planned in similar context, but reconfigured once ideas emerge and components of the image evolve from one another to create an emotionally driven image. Exploring ways to combine what I observe, while leading me to think about new paths for this form of self-expression has taught me to step back and observe the direction that each work is taking and then respond appropriately to complete it. To transform the images into something that held the emotions of how it felt standing in that spot, it is not unusual for me to spend many hours on a single composition.

The exciting challenge is to keep the paintings relevant and current even though the subjects come from another era. As with any endeavor, where one has passion, the time spent in building and developing something to its conclusion will make days seem like minutes. I strive to evoke a timeless feel with modern sensibilities while I continue to explore the relationship between our current society and our collective history. Each of these pieces is to discover ‘Old Hollywood’s New Attitude’, an example of my effort to view things differently - and I hope you’ll be inspired too.

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