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Bran Dougherty-­Johnson is a Motion Designer with over 15 years of expe­ri­ence mak­ing shapes and col­ors move. A love of geom­e­try and play­ful move­ment inform every­thing he cre­ates. His work spans the gamut from adver­tis­ing and direct-­to-­client work, to non­profit, edu­ca­tion and activism. He’s espe­cially excited about cre­at­ing mean­ing­ful work with mis­sion ­dri­ven clients that is infor­ma­tive and pro­duc­tive as well as visu­ally interesting.

Bran’s process of work­ing along­side his part­ners, dig­ging into and under­stand­ing the mate­r­ial, research­ing and plan­ning the film and cre­at­ing a unique visual style is designed to help clar­ify and demys­tify com­plex ideas and data in order to turn them into per­sua­sive, under­stand­able and mem­o­rable films.

Spec work policy:
Please don't ask us to work for free or suggest that free work would be great for our portfolio.
We do not take on spec work, contests or unpaid pitches.

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