Brandon Myles White

Los Angeles

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I have always loved physical fitness and working out. When I turned 19 I decided to enter a few bodybuilding competitions and was fortunate enough to win them, which was a great experience and led to my future modeling work. I have been featured in Cosmopolitan, Muscle & Fitness, Fitness RX and more.

In addition to my modeling I have acted in numerous productions including the short film 'Necropolis Reborn' which recently won Austin TX's Alamo Drafthouse Film Festival Award and the critically acclaimed docu-drama 'Silent Message' which dealt with weighty issues and was a great chance to help me grow as an actor.

I also really enjoy art, I have drawn and designed posters, murals and have worked in various forms of special effects - you can find some of my work on my website

As the future unfolds I hope to continue both my fitness modeling and acting, in addition to my work as an artist. My website is up and running but much of it has yet to be completed, I'll let everyone know when it's good to go.

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