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Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Freelance videographer/photographer. I specialize in music videos, live performance videos, concert photography, but am more than welcome to venture out and shoot whatever is needed. I was the creator of OKsounds Live Sessions which was featured on the OK Film & Music Department website, I was a designated photographer for Center of The Universe Festival 2014, I have formally studied videography and audio engineering through Tulsa Technology Center and TCC for 5 years, I completed an internship with Kendal Osborne at The Closet Studios in 2012, I am currently working for TCC's Film Department as a DP/Video Editor on the segment Band Next Door, along with continuously working on freelance videography projects around Oklahoma.

Artists/Companies I've worked with:
Johnny Polygon
FM Pilots
J.B. Kingsley
Cavern Company
Zeke Duhon
Roots & Lost Things
The Lukewarm
Blake Pettigrove
Chris Snead
Grant Wiscaver (of Capitol Cars)
Various Artist
Armando De Leon
The Flood
YPI (the Youth Philanthropy Initiative)
Center of The Universe Festival
OK FIlm & Music Dept.

For inquiries please contact me via email:


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