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Brand View is the leading international provider of real-time price and promotion tracking. We enable our clients to measure and manage their price position and communicate this to shoppers. Trusted by the biggest names in grocery, health & beauty, BWS and non-food, Brand View’s easy to use, powerful analytics give clients an unparalleled insight into the competitor landscape.

Seamless coverage of online and bricks and mortar stores – including Australian, European and North American markets – facilitates immediate benchmarking of value proposition and promotional activity against competitors through instant, integrated insights into when prices change, promotions begin, and new products are listed.

To find out how Brand View can support your needs, contact our Client Services Team via email at or by phone: (UK) 0844 357 9970 | (USA) 1-800-968-1876 | (AUS) 02 8015 5042

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