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New York native filmmaker Conrad J. Hart lives in Brooklyn NY and has 5 years of experience within the video and film making Industry. Trained at the Art Institute International Schools Conrad has worked on a large ratio projects devoting his talents as a Director of Photography shooting over 15 student short films, music videos and commercials while sticking to his ideals of Quality and Integrity. The media bug bit Conrad during his senior year of high school when he took on the responsibility of directing the schools short film entitled “The Janitor 2 Wrath of the Nerd”. Since then he has devoted himself to learning all he can and sharpening his craft as a filmmaker learning to edit, create sound designs, and assist in every aspect of production on and off the set. His most recent project was a highly stylized music video featuring the youth of the City Kids Foundation entitled “Conquer All”. Conrad realizes that it is his duty to be more concerned with his projects having meaningful value more than anything else.

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