Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil

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The Band was formed in 1992 for Michael Bahr and Ronaldo Bohlke from Curitiba / Paraná / Brazil.

In 2000 the band decided to become BraveHeart. With this formation Michael (vocal and bass), Ronaldo (guitar) and Bruno Novak (drums).

After the first EP recorded with 4 tracks in 2001 and a bonus track recorded in 2002, the band opened act for the north american band, Savatage in 2001. They had a pleasure to play together with a children choirs (as well in EP). The EP "Hiding Place" was listened by some countries and received the bests reviews of sites, TV's and Brazilian magazines, obtaining the best grade, 10, in the Whiplash (BRAZIL) site, Rock Brigade and Roadie Crew magazines.

2002: Bruno Sucheck replaces the Ronaldo's position and in 2003 the band travel abroad to make a concert in Assuncion/Paraguay.

2004: Both Bruno, guitar player and drummer, leave the band.

2005: Bruno Sucheck returns the band and the drummer Eliandro Ferreira arrives to close the power trio.

2007: The band launches the new EP "This House in My Head" in a different way, online. On May, Eliandro leaves the band and give his position to Diego Souza.

2008 : Bruno leaves the band and Alexandre Schuertz take over the guitars.

2009 : After 1,5 years of band, Diego leaves the sticks, Felipe Souza comes to do some shows with the BraveHeart.

2010: And now Maggot takes the band's "kitchen", like drummer.

2011: Schuertz leave the band.

2012: Marcos Camillo is the new BraveHeart's guitar player.
Marcos enters the band to celebrate 20 years on the road, with new songs to be recorded in 2013.

2013: New single is released in July 2013, song Cold Mind.
The first BraveHeart's music video [Cold Mind] of a trilogy audiovisual.

1st Place METAL category in "Festival Geração Mundo Livre FM"
3rd Place overall of 150 bands.

2014: The second BraveHeart's music video [Old House] bringing images of the end of the festival Geração Mundo Livre with the film " The Others".

BraveGirls of the session is also created, a way to show the beauty of the fans wearing the T-shirts of the band.

New single is released in January 15 2014, song GoodFellas and the Music Video is released in October 23 2014.

The band share with the stage with Deep Purple and Sepultura.
Again, BraveHeart was considered the best metal/rock band of Festival Geração Mundo Livre.

2015: The new drummer: Silvio Filho

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