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Street art started as an alternative means of communication, artists using public spaces to convey their own thoughts, ideas, feelings, and aesthetics; it has now developed into a vibrant community complete with recognizable characters, favorite works, tools and tricks of the trade, and an increasing cast of talented young artisans. At Braxler we seek to find the hottest happenings from the street scene – whether that means events, gear, artwork, or interviews – and get them to you as quickly as possible.

We have curators and passionate connoisseurs as well as artists working for us here at Braxler. We know as well as anyone that the street scene is interesting not only for the great pieces it produces, but for the surrounding culture. Our aim is to bring to your attention great ideas, products, and people as well as awesome work.

If you have anything you’d like to tell us, we’d love to hear it. Please use our submit button for questions, comments, or sharing your work; if you have artwork to attach, simply ask and we will provide an email address to send it to. Street art depends on community, so we’d like to thank you in advance for your involvement.

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