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I'm Brandon Ray of Paper Brain Productions, an animator and filmmaker from Houston, Texas.  I've been creating animated content for over a decade, including the 2-time "Best Original Series" Vimeo Festival + Awards nominated web series Paper People Jokes, and an animated mini-series with Emmy-winning children's program superstar Mark Kistler. A show I animated a scene for recently got the green light from Amazon Studios to become an ongoing series, and a music video I directed and animated won five awards at film festivals internationally. My animations have also been Vimeo Staff Picks on four different occasions, including a Vimeo Creator Q&A article.

Outside of my commercial animation production work at Paper Brain Productions, I also enjoy writing and directing my own films. My animated short films have been featured on Channel Frederator three times. I have also been a featured artist on Electric Literature and Show Me the Animation.

Here's my website-
Feel free to contact me with any inquiries ay my bloggy/website thingy:

When I'm not animating, I spend time with my wonderful family (Bleu, Violet, and Lisa).

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