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Montreal, Qc

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I'm an independent film-maker in Montreal, Quebec.

If someone told me 15 years ago I would be at the helm of a feature length film project that revolves around mental health and curling, I would’ve thought - yeah, that sounds like something I would do! Yet, it felt like a fleeting dream, an impossible goal... until I came to the realization that dreams can come true... and anything we learn or try to unlearn - takes time.

Where to start.... at the beginning, and on the steps that brought me to the existence of ‘Sweeping Forward’. Although ‘Sweeping’ borrows heavily from my actual experiences with an anxiety disorder, I feel it is important to emphasis that without the collaborative efforts of everyone involved, this film project could not have moved forward.

‘Sweeping Forward’ is a feel good movie with a lot of heart that revolves around Bess Lavigne, a gifted curler scarred by childhood abuse who ultimately finds redemption while coaching four down and out women struggling with various mental health issues.

‘Sweeping Forward’ brings awareness to mental health and domestic abuse.

Sweeping Forward – Feature film.

Duration: 96 mins
Aspect ratio: 235:1 digital H/D
Camera: F3 Sony
Original version: English (some French)

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