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"For a musician to emerge out of the assembly line of singer/songwriters, they need to possess something more than talent. They need passion—a certain wonderful strangeness to stand out amongst the Adele imitators. And it’s safe to say that Long Beach native, Brenda Carsey, has enough passion, drive, and, well, weirdness to ensure that one day soon, we’ll all say, “Oh yeah, I knew her when.” ... a unique blend of styles, mixing a syrupy sweet sound (Colbie Caillat) with a beautiful darkness (Regina Spektor and Feist) and a vocal range with a potential of virtuosity" (Joe Lapin of OC Weekly).

Brenda Carsey is a Long Beach-based vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Carsey has been performing since the age of five, from choirs, orchestras, and marching bands to national anthem performances to rock, pop, folk, hip hop, and electronic groups (Feral Kizzy, Centuries, La Chilanga Banda) and solo projects (Lazy Daze, Brenda Carsey & the Awe, Side Show, eminent.ruth). Carsey's "voice is, in a word, uninhibited. She plays with soulful low notes, a raspy, rock belt, and playful, even childish high notes, sometimes all in the same song. She confidently tackle[s] different genres, too" (Chantel Donnan, Music In Press). Carsey's primary self-accompanying instruments are piano/keys, of which she has been playing since the age of 10, and acoustic guitar, of which she has been playing for four years.

Carsey has been featured on six albums. She has four solo albums under her belt, three of which were entirely performed, recorded, and mixed by Carsey herself: Brenda Carsey E.P. (2006), Step Outside (2010), Side Show (2011), and Lazy Daze (2012). She is also featured on her band Feral Kizzy's E.P. (2012) on keyboard and backing vocals. Lastly, she is featured on six tracks of hip-hop artist Distract-Ion's record M.I.N.D. (2010).

In addition, Carsey has worked with Grammy winning producer Andrew Balogh, producer Jason Johann of Good Lyfe Addikts, and producer Moscatelli on a variety of electronic/dance tracks.

Carsey puts no limits on herself in regards to genre and what sounds she is capable of creating. Sounds of alternative rock, blues, trip hop, and rhythm and blues, just to name a few, can be heard in Carsey's music. Carsey is constantly growing and changing and it shows in her music. Poetic lyrics accompanied by fluid melodies, engaging chord progressions, funky rhythms, & a voice filled with passion & soul.

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