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Seattle, Wa

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In 1985, I received my first camera; a Ricoh KR-5 Super. In 2006 I made the switch to digital with a Canon A630 Powershoot. I've updated to a Canon 7D but also have shot in the past with Canon 20D and 30D. I shoot .raw but occasionally will shoot in .jpeg if doing certain TL.
I have been photographing the images that my imagination has found captivating. Nature, being my most photographed subject, is what gives me inspiration and peace of mind. What really draws me in further is the way nature displays and manipulates light. Whether it is a sunrise, or a sunset, the way it changes so quickly, creating a spectrum of colors based on the conditions of the moment, keep me in awe. Through time, I have found I enjoy manipulating light, whether artificial or natural, it draws me in further and I see no end, just a transition. Like that of morning into day and back again, my dreams continue and I keep following nature's beauty. I would like to think of myself as an Impressionist, like Monet, I aim to capture the fleeting light.
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