Brendt Rioux

Los Angeles, CA

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I love animation. Here you'll see a sampling of my personal work as well as some of my original trailers for the Cinefamily.

The trailers represent some of my work creating content for The Cinefamily, a non-profit Los Angeles cinematheque devoted to finding and presenting interesting and unusual programs of exceptional, distinctive, weird and wonderful films.

We create original trailers for our unique screenings. Proof positive of our enthusiasm and dedication to the films we love!


  1. Audio Dregs Recordings
  2. garaco taco
  3. Kungen & Hertigen
  4. Bent Image Lab
  5. Andrew Thomas Huang
  6. Steve Scott
  7. Ann Arbor Film Festival
  8. David OReilly
  9. Kirsten Lepore
  10. Trisha Gum
  11. Screen Novelties
  12. Cinefamily

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