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Brent Katz has been part of the film industry since he was a child where he appeared in commercials, television and movies such as “Amityville 2: The Possession,” “Deathmask,” and “Last Exit To Brooklyn.”

He moved behind the camera after college to write, produce and direct an award winning short film titled, "The Final Resolution." From there he went on to write for VH1, Spike TV and Ogilvy Entertainment where he was hired to create an original comedy web series. During that time he also optioned a screenplay he adapted from the French film, “A Pure Formality,” to Gianni Nunnarri, the acclaimed producer of such films as “300” and “Immortals”. Most recently he was was accepted into the 2014 Cannes Film Festival for a documentary he produced about the artist Banksy.

Brent continues to write, produce, direct and edit all types of content for various clients. He writes short stories and is writing a novel that will be ready by 2015.

You can find him on his website at or reach him directly at


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