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Brent is all about using his gifts, which include an inability to ignore latent possibility in people and organizations and a “sometimes hallucinatory idealism,” to be the catalyst that people need to break free from distractedly and dispassionately going about their lives. He helps transform seemingly conflicting personal and professional visions into a cohesive understanding of our place in the world and the difference our work can make.

Leaders who work with Brent, begin to see their organization’s future as a network of relationships … those relationships that exist, those that will come to be and those that are needed to realize the future. His talents help leaders see the future as possibility, and as something relevant and achievable. His work points to what needs to change, what needs re-calibration and how to manifest those relationships. Brent works with leaders to identify the registers for accomplishment that mark the progress to ensure a future that is sustainable by the organization itself.

Brent has helped leaders and their organizations uncover and live-into their visions for two decades. He is a co-founder of Fathom, an international brand transformation firm and partner with the Center for Leadership Studies, a change leadership organization.

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