Brett Seeney

West Midlands, England.

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I'm an amateur film maker, interested in making short movies based around extreme sports. I have yet to go for a filming shoot, but once I eventually get my equipment sorted I will be filming endlessly.

My equipment currently consists of:
JVC Everio (GZ-MG130EK)
JVC Everio (GZ-MG21EK)
Sony Vegas 7.0
Movie Maker (rarely use it though, except for quick editing)
Adobe Creative Suite 3 Photoshop, and After Effects

Unfortunately my 130EK Model has a damaged LCD screen, whilst the Camera still works, it does hinder a lot with "creating the perfect shot/angle". Although saying that, it does also create interesting shots and angles that I myself wouldn't of thought of.

I plan to get a Helmet Cam as well to add a first-person perspective of the action.

My Hobbies include Rock Climbing, Filming, Editing, Kayaking, Hill Walking (Trekking), Gaming (Lazy Hobby) and Scuba Diving.

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