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Brian “Head” Welch was born June 19, 1970. He grew up in Bakersfield, California. At the tender age of 11, Head picked up a guitar and found his original calling. Barely out of high school, he helped found the nu-metal band Korn. The band quickly became a Grammy® award-winning, multi-Platinum selling band, and quickly rose to the top of the music world. While with KoRn, Head received six grammy nominations, winning two, while selling some 40 million records worldwide.

In early 2005, Head rocked the music world by announcing his resignation from Korn. At the time, Head was committed to moving away from the crazy KoRn life to continue to care for his daughter Jennea, as a single father. Additionally, Head committed his life to Christ with the goal of touching people’s lives and giving back to those most desperately in need. Only months from his Korn exodus, Head traveled to India to open up his first Head Home, an orphanage that provided housing, food, and education to some 200 orphans in the most unreachable parts of India. Head also continued other philanthropic efforts in other areas in the United States.

Significantly, and perhaps most importantly, upon his resignation from KoRn, Head made clear to the music world that although he had resigned from KoRn, he had not retired from the music and entertainment industry. With his new found calling; Head is committed to changing the youth of this nation through his music and other entertainment ventures. In this regard, Head penned a biography of his life, picked up and released by HarperCollins Publishers in July 2007, entitled, Save Me From Myself. The book quickly hit the New York Times “Best Seller’s” list (non-fiction). Harper was so impressed, it quickly exercised its option for yet a second book shortly after the release of Head’s first book. The second book, Washed by Blood, was released June 24, 2008; and is a young adult version of the Best Selling autobiography released in 2007.

Additionally, during this time, Head began producing, composing and recording his Debut Album. Significantly, Head’s entire freshman effort was written, composed and arranged by Head himself, while also playing lead guitar and singing vocals. Head employed a few renown musicians such as Josh Freese (drums—A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails) and Tony Levin (bass—Peter Gabriel, David Bowie) to assist with his effort. Nearly completed in 2007, Head spent the first quarter of 2008 editing and mixing the Debut Album, and joined forces with two other industry proven executives to create Driven Music Group. Head’s Debut Album, also entitled “Save Me From Myself,” was released on September 9, 2008 through Ryko Distribution (Warner Music Group); Word Entertainment (Christian market), and Warner Music International (ADA Global—Canada). The Debut Album opened at #13 on Billboard’s Hard Rock charts; and continues to impact the market. The album has been described as a “heavy metal epic, with a positive message.” Reviews of the Album by industry experts have repeatedly described the Album as a “pick hit,” with consistent 4+ Stars reviews.

Head embarked upon a 30 day, cd promotional tour on September 9th, to promote the Album. During that time, Head appeared at traditional retailers, as well as an entirely new market for Head—the Christian market. Head’s salvation and spirituality has been vigorously embraced by even such conservative Christian organizations such as CBN (Pat Robertson—The 700 Club) which recognize that Head has the power to reach a market heretofore untapped by traditional Christian organizations. Some of Head’s largest turnouts and most zealous supporters have come from the Christian market. Additionally, Head’s re-entry into the music world has generated substantial interest from the television media as well, where Head recently taped appearances on “L.A. Ink” and “VH-1’s Top 100 Rock Songs,” both of which are to air in November, 2008.

Of immediate importance to Head and his label, Driven Music Group, is the process of putting together a team of session musicians to meet a few obligations on several late night television appearances which are in the negotiation stage. Driven Music Group’s intent is to also work quickly to book several live appearances for Head before the end of the 2008 Calendar year. Immediately thereafter, Driven Music Group intends to announce a full U.S. tour to commence in early 2009.

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