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BRAIN KILLER is a visual artist working in a variety of mediums including video, photography, illustration and if you're lucky can see some of the work on the streets. If that weren't enough BK's main expertise and experience is in content development and video production with a strong emphisis on reality, lifestyle, youth, pop and counter culture.

BK has spent much of his life studying and working in the visual arts field. After studying advertising and graphic design he switched his attention to film studies with a concentration in cinematography.

BK spent five years in Los Angeles as a producer for G4TV, a lifestyle network with a focus on video games, technology, pop culture and new media. This is where he was able to fine tune his skills producing, writing and directing everything from comedy and entertainment segments to live in studio celebrity interviews. He was also on the founding team of G4's flagship show Attack of the Show.

He has worked with creative teams and crews in almost every major market in the U.S. and a few international markets namely, Japan, Mexico and Canada. He is currently producing and directing original content for a wide variety of clients under the BRAIN KILLER brand, bringing his unique style of weirdness and fun to the world.


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