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Scarborough, UK

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also known as Harry Kipper and as one of the Kipper Kids

Brian Routh has been a performance artist since 1971 performing as one of the Kipper Kids until 2003.
He has also worked as a solo performance artist collaborating and appearing with Karen Finley, Henry Rollins, Public Image, Genesis P. Orridge, Sex Pistols, Joanna Went, Eric Bogosian, Anne Bean, Bow Gamelan, Lol Coxhill, Paul Burwell, Evan Parker, Derek Bailey and Ian Hinchcliffe among others.
He currently lives in Scarborough, North Yorkshire in the UK and makes soundworks and movies.
His digital movies have been presented at the Royal Academy in London and his sound works at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

The Kipper Kids have been involved in writing and starring in three projects for HBO and Cinemax and appeared in a number of movies.

Recently he has collaborated with digital artist Patricia Wells on soundtracks for Patricia's animations and video works.

Brian is currently working on videos, soundtracks, instrumental music and sound-works that incorporate vocal soundbites of world leaders, politicians, madmen, poets, rebels, murderers and others.

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