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Award-winning artist/illustrator/photographer Brian Stubler has been an underground traveler in the Kansas City art scene for years. Having attended the Kansas City Art Institute in 1989, he has been exploring ideas and various media ever since. His unique painting and illustrative style has been shown in galleries and coffee shops throughout the Midwest. He is currently deeply involved in a new photographic series to be unveiled this month at the Living Room theater gallery. Brian also dabbles in burlesque under the name Blaze Fuego and has been seen in the Fringe Festival’s Burlesque Downtown Underground for the past 2 years. He also has been the artistic designer and property master for the local theater group Horsehead Productions (formerly Staged Readings), a benefit production company that re-invents pop-culture film on stage with whom he is also their resident property master as well as a performer, having created 8-foot sharks and shower curtain costumes for the group. He has also had supporting roles in the campy, low budget films of David P. Moore, which are wildly popular in Japan. And has also been seen on the Living Room Theater stage in “A Bucket of Blood” a campy adaptation of the Roger Corman classic, and its critically acclaimed and unparalleled production of Carousel. His favorite color is green.

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