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Brian Wurzell has been the Worship Arts Director at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Chandler, Arizona for the past 10 years. Cornerstone is an innovative and influential church in the Phoenix area reaching over 6,000 people each weekend. He has also had the opportunity to be a moderator for Catalyst Conferences, a speaker for the National Worship Leaders Conference and was recently published in Neue magazine. Over the past decade Brian has led worship at a wide list of camps, conferences, conventions and churches across the nation. With a love for people, music, artistry, local and para-church ministry, he would call himself a Worship Leader at heart. Those passions fuel his partnership with Slingshot Group where he gets to help local churches around the country in shaping their Creative Ministries strategy, structure and staffing. His newest music project entitled 'Grace Ocean' officially released in the iTunes charts Top 10 albums in January 2011. Brian is joyfully married to Promise Tangeman-Wurzell who is a brilliantly talented Creative Innovator and artist.

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