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  1. 03:05


    by Bridges to Prosperity

    4 Videos

    Video updates from the field and at home.

  2. 34:41

    Corporate Partners

    by Bridges to Prosperity

    9 Videos

    Corporate Partners provide the resources to support our programming around the world and employee volunteers share their time and knowledge, while experiencing life changing international exchange. Read…

  3. 23:10

    B2P Profiles

    by Bridges to Prosperity

    6 Videos

    Meet Bridges to Prosperity's staff, the people who Build to: innovate, education, inspire.

  4. 40:01

    B2P Training Videos

    by Bridges to Prosperity

    11 Videos

    Bridges to Prosperity training videos are open-source, technical resources about building locally-viable, efficient footbridges in rural areas under a variety of natural and community conditions.

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