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Her credentials are awesome. She just appeared in this season's “Californication”; which she has received tons of press, and writeups for it including The LA Times. She was just on Dr. Phil as well. Bridgetta will also be the March cover of "Kasinova Magazine". She stars in “6 Nonsmokers”, a film to be released in January ’10. Bridgetta’s stunning beauty and sexy appeal has made her well known for late night infomercials as the “Extenze” girl. Yet her fan base has grown exponentially watching her adventures on the DirecTV show, “Project My World”, where Bridgetta’s escapades include skydiving over the Great Barrier Reef, racing V8 cars, jumping off Karawaru Bungy Bridge, as well as a ton of other crazy stunts. Bridgetta demonstrated her survival skills in Ted Nugent’s “WANTED: Ted or Alive,” forging through the wilderness she even hunted, killing and grilling her own live chicken! Despite the chicken hunting this lovely lady is an animal lover and snake handler, whose beloved pets include a West African python, Isis, 3 dogs and a fish! Possessing Beauty and Brawn this experienced model, host, and actress, loves getting all dolled up for the camera and is the face of AXE Bodywash. The athletic brawn side of Bridgetta has taken her from being a former Britney Spears back-up dancer, Quarterback in “ The Lingerie Bowl “, she even had police and pilot training, co-piloted a WWII plane! Bridgetta is also an accomplished film actress. You can also see her in “The Bronx is Burning”, “Primitive Recall”, and she stars in “ZOMBthology”, a horror film that has won 2008 Best Zombie Film at the Fright Night Film Festival." She has a LONG list of credits and is one of the stars of a hot new reality show to be released this fall on E! as well as her own show, "Bridgetta: Sassy and Uncensored”. She was also the February Cover Model for "That’s Hot Magazine”, and is featured on “” as a celebrity model/actress. “Good Morning America” just did a piece on her that will air later this year. In short, Bridgetta, who was born and raised in Baltimore, is a world-class daredevil yet sexy diva like no other, but will get down and dirty in a heartbeat!

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