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  1. Great video (super catchy song, love the titles - choice of font is perfect), and the language is amazing! Blows my mind. Inspires all kinds of ideas. Thanks!
  2. Love it! Now, if only I can get my knees to do that... ;-) Seriously, though, do you think that integrating a flow practice like this would be a good strategy to regain mobility, or would you suggest doing other work first?
  3. Bright Coconut commented on "BREATHE"
    Wow, this is fantastic! Excellent work, timing - the works.
  4. Agree - very well done. I always felt a disconnect between eating meat and not being a part of the process, so a few years ago I took part in a rural sheep slaughter. It was a very valuable experience for me, to be "the guy holding the knife", and…