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I am a junior moving image designer based in London.
From traditional hands on techniques to digital, I believe that having a strong concept and narrative is as important as making things look beautiful. I am always pushing for that Big idea, which is why I received a commendation at the 2011 Promax Student awards.
The box I sit in front of usually runs After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop, and I like to say hello to Cinema 4D and Final Cut from time to time.
I love what I do, and this reflects in my work and positive attitude.

Plus I have a great smile.

"Wild synaesthetic metaphors are the closest I am likely to get to describing Natalie, so she's a bit like The Rolling Stones exploding gently into a swirling rainbow composed of the crumbliest flakiest chocolate. Only more so. And upside-down."

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