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Hi, I'm Natalie and I'm a huge Obidala fan and I'm totally crazy about Ewan McGregor and Richard Armitage... and a whole bunch of other guys.
Aside from Obidala, I also ship Ewan McGregor/Natalie Portman (as a real life couple - I know he's married, but they're so cute together), Sparrabeth, Aragorn/Arwen, Éowyn/Faramir, Bella/Carlisle, Perseus/Io, Jake/Neytiri, Elena/Elijah...

I love music - pretty much every type, but I'm mostly into rock/alternative. My favourite artists are Evanescence, Nickelback, Within Temptation, Trading Yesterday, Daughtry, Kings Of Leon, Snow Patrol, Michael Bublé, Taylor Swift, Lady GaGa... and lots more.

Anyway, hope you like my videos. :)

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