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    Bertha BRITDOC Connect Fund

    by BRITDOC Foundation

    A collection of some of the films which have been awarded Bertha BRITDOC Connect grants - to further their audience engagement and social impact strategies

  2. 01:20:27

    PUMA Impact Award

    by BRITDOC Foundation

    19 Videos

    Find out more about the incredible stories of change from the Impact Award nominees.

  3. 11:16

    Bertha BRITDOC Journalism Funded Films

    by BRITDOC Foundation

    3 Videos

    Here are trailers from some of the groundbreaking documentaries supported by the Bertha BRITDOC Journalism Fund.

  4. 01:33:54

    Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation Funded Films

    by BRITDOC Foundation

    19 Videos

    This is a collection of trailers from films funded by the Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation

  5. 01:15:55

    PUMA Catalyst Awards

    by BRITDOC Foundation

    13 Videos

    Each of these films received a PUMA Catalyst Award. To apply for one yourself please go to

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