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  1. Korea

    by Gene Kim joined

    316 Videos / 117 Members

    Films/Documentaries/personal videos anything having to do with Korea, bring it on right here!

  2. Made in Japan

    by Justin Lincoln joined

    1,644 Videos / 595 Members

    This group is for people that have produced videos in or about Japan... This is open for people that live and work there or even those that are just passing through.

  3. ICEfilm - Worldwide Documentary film

    by Sky joined

    197 Videos / 176 Members

    There are about 200 countries in the world. Each of them has its unique way of living, thinking, nature and anything else we can only imagine. The idea is to create ONE "mosaic" film, based…

  4. Montessori Education

    by wethepeacemakers joined

    24 Videos / 7 Members

    Anything and everything Montessori.

  5. Homegrown SW-PBIS Videos

    by Michael Kennedy joined

    223 Videos / 151 Members

    Schools across the country have been using homegrown videos to support school-wide PBIS (SW-PBIS) initiatives in elementary, middle and high schools for a number of years. This site was established…

  6. The Alphabet Songs

    by Hooked on Phonics joined

    27 Videos / 4 Members

    Sing along with the new Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read alphabet songs. Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read incorporates the latest reading and literacy research into proven strategies and phonics activities…

  7. Children's Short Films

    by Gino Salerno joined

    18 Videos / 18 Members

    Short videos for children. Many are stories, some are just fun things to see.

  8. Family

    by FotoKlikk joined

    5 Videos / 3 Members

  9. Diversity Films 2011

    by Diversity Films joined

    28 Videos / 2 Members

  10. Life Celebrates Diversity

    by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML joined

    366 Videos / 97 Members

    Life. Life celebrates diversity. Life celebrates differences. Life celebrates humanity. Regardless of age, attire, or build. Regardless of class, color, or culture. Regardless of education,…

  11. fCreative5

    by FIVE5IVE joined

    17.3K Videos / 3,880 Members

    Our group exists for videos with style, subject, or content that qualifies as being CREATIVE; more so for content that INSPIRES thought and creativity. Without bias or prejudice real appreciation…

  12. The Best Indie Filmmakers

    by justinsuperstar joined

    25.1K Videos / 9,582 Members

    The best short films and filmmakers on Vimeo. PLEASE VISIT: www.onlinevideocontests.com Find awesome video contests that are happening on the internet. www.filmfights.com Challenge other…

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