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I'm a videographer/photographer and video director based out of Montreal.
I've been doing video for events for over seven years now and throughout the last couple of years I’ve had the chance to make videos for some great organizations, including Grand prix de Montreal, Harley Davidson, Bal en blanc, Black and blue just to name a few as well as working with Piknic Electronic this year as a photographer.
I specialize more so in the making of the "Aftermovie" for various events. More recently some projects have taken me out of the country, where I had the chance to go shoot for an international artist on their tour through Brazil and on a separate occasion over to Las Vegas for another client to shoot for a TV reality show concept.
Locally though for the past three years I’ve been working as a technician in cinema, from production assistant to camera assistant and director of photography.
So as you can appreciate wherever I go, whether it be for leisure or business I am always looking for images/artists/events that inspire me

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