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Brook Bello
Survivor/Mentor, Actress - Author
Brook Susan Parker-Bello has worked on over __ TV shows in 68 guest star and recurring roles. She had a starring role in Stargate SGI playing “Dreay Auc” wife of “Teal C” She has also worked with many notable actors such as Angela Bassett, Juliet Lewis, Ralph Feinnes, Charles Dutton and has received rave reviews in her theatre performances by her mentor, actor Jon Voight, and other actors such has William H Macy, Lawrence Fishburne and many others. Brook has worked on over 8 films and starred in 17 national commercials.
In addition Brook studied acting with Raymond Berry, Natalia Nogulich, David Legrant and Uta Hagens Studio in New York with over 6 years of weekly education. She has also studied voice and dance in Los Angeles. As a vested member of the Screens Actors Guild and a member of Equity, you can find her easily online including IMDB.
Brook is a published author. Her published book of poetry “To Soar Without Leaving The Ground” was endorsed my Founder and President of “Cirque Du Soliel” Guy Laliberte. Brook lectures at various Universities and has been a speaker in local churches as well.
Brook’s life story was seen on the “700 Club” and she recently wrote and directed her story in her first documentary which is a ground breaking film about freedom after sex-slavery and abuse. It was shot in and throughout California and the Middle East, a dangerous task for a female film-maker. As a survivor of human -trafficking, Brook founded More Too Life, Inc a 501 C3, and the Above The Noise mentoring program which is an outreach that deals with crimes and abuse against women and children along with the emotional brokenness and poverty caused by it. The program centers around rehabilitation, a global cultural immersion program with various workshops, therapy and hands on training allowing an individual to make a “paradigm shift” reaching past their abusive backgrounds to soar above the noise and reach their full potential. As a woman of Faith, Brook continues to move forward and acknowledges that this has been at the center of her life and creative process.

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  1. This is amazing, heartbreaking, mind-opening. Everyone needs to watch this film. The vast majority of people don't know about sex trafficking, even those who have been trafficked. We are now in a culture where young girls--and I mean as young…