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Brooklyn is the new center of artistic innovation in New York City.
Brooklyn Arts Council’s programs showcase the tremendous and
varied talent based here—music, dance, theater, film, visual arts,
literature, media, traditional arts—you name it. We give artists
stages, screens, galleries, spaces and the connections needed to
share their work.

And BAC helps audiences discover Brooklyn’s cultural organizations,
events and artists—the burgeoning artist collective showing in
an under-the-radar space, the musicians practicing art forms of
their native cultures, the filmmaker on your block and the worldrenowned
venues. We work in partnership with Brooklyn’s wealth of
artists and groups, big and small, just starting out and established,
of every discipline and in every neighborhood from Bushwick to
Flatbush to Sheepshead Bay.

Our Folk Arts programs embrace tradition, Brooklyn style. One of
the most diverse places on the planet, Brooklyn is home to artists
who preserve their heritage and others who morph it into new
forms and chart new territory.
Along the way, we document and archive the incredible works
happening all around us for future generations to learn from
and enjoy.

• BAC Gallery
• Dumbo 1st Thursday Events
• Folk Arts
• Scene: Brooklyn, Independent Film and Media Arts

Grants are the cornerstone of what we do. BAC provides hundreds of
grants totaling over a quarter million dollars each year to Brooklyn’s
artists and community groups.

We train artists and arts leaders so they can make the best decisions
about their career paths and organizational growth. Our website and
e-newsletters keep information on opportunities at their fingertips.
We help get new projects funded and off the ground through Fiscal
Sponsorship. Our networking events encourage exchange among
artists and audiences and keep us informed about what’s on their
minds. And we provide online platforms so artists and cultural
groups can promote themselves.

• BAC Online Forum
• BAC Community Arts Regrant Program
• Directory of Brooklyn Arts Organizations
• E-News and Opportunities
• Fiscal Sponsorship
• Professional Development Seminars: Making Art Work
• Registry of Brooklyn Artists

BAC is a leader in preserving arts education in New York City
schools. We’ve done this for over twenty years by bringing
a dedicated corps of artists to teach kids across the city. Using
research-backed strategies that reinforce other areas of the
school curriculum, our teaching artists help transform students
into enthusiastic participants in their education.

In addition to providing arts training and appreciation, our
programs strengthen student’s critical thinking, problem solving
and communication and students’ skills. Beyond the classroom,
we work in community centers, with seniors and families, further
extending the educational benefits of the arts.

• In-School Performance Programs
• Parent Engagement Sessions
• Programs for the Community
• Senior Center Residencies
• Teacher Training
• Workshops In-School and After-School

You need art where? We can help. BAC works with public agencies,
real estate projects and community groups to place art in new
spaces and launch new endeavors. We leverage our extensive
database of Brooklyn artists, curatorial and project management
expertise, and knowledge of how art and artists can activate
challenging spaces. Because of our day-to-day experience with
artists, we bring emerging and mid-career artists to the table who
might otherwise be overlooked.

• Arts Advisement for New Projects
• Art Competitions
• Public Art
• Art for Corporate and Residential Spaces

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