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Freelance producer/director/editor. I love slashes in titles, don't you?


  1. Max Tohline
  2. Story & Heart
  3. Light Forge Productions
  4. Kevin B. Lee
  5. Tony Zhou
  6. Visual Poet Studios
  7. Daniel and Reeta Treat
  8. Will Hartsock
  9. iTGooch Productions
  10. OfficeRocker Productions
  11. Ironbridge
  12. JK MEDIA Design
  13. Brian Hogan
  14. Steve Satre
  15. ira belsky
  16. Paco Gomez Vega
  17. Jared Foster
  18. Phillip McCart

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  1. My fault. I should have known better. Your knowledge on the subject absolutely outshines my own.
  2. Walter Murch was the sound editor for The Conversation. Richard Chew was the editor. Other than that, terrific, insightful work.