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Commercials Director, Bruce Allan is passionate about his craft, as an internationally awarded Photographer he brings a unique visual approach to his story telling.
For Bruce its not about having a huge production circus around him, its about finding what’s right for each job. He loves to work as a team to develop and craft his images with a very natural feel.
As you will see in his reel, Bruce has a very visual eye and knows how to communicate a story.
Working with some of the region's leading creative teams he successfully made the transition into directing film 3 years ago. Bruce has worked with clients such as Optus, Listerine, Sanitarium, Tooheys, Kotex, Singapore Navy, The Red Cross, The ARU, The Sydney Dance Company and Panasonic, Freedom Furniture, QANTAS, Telstra, Sydney Water, Audi, Toyota and NRMA.
Bruce understands many different visual mediums, and what it takes to communicate an idea, above all it’s a collaborative process.
With the latest technology, and a commitment to his craft, Bruce has the expertise and experience to handle any creative brief.

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