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Bruce Farnsworth is a conservation photographer focusing on wildlife, sustainability initiatives and ecotourism in the upper Amazon basin. Profound intercultural experiences and university training in zoology, environmental education and art influence his intimate and richly textured images.

Bruce’s feature and assignment credits include such leading magazines as National Geographic, Wilderness, Smithsonian, Outdoor Photographer, Nature Conservancy, and Harvard’s ReVista. The U.S. National Park Service, National Audubon Society, San Diego Museum of Natural History and the Expo 2000 Worlds Fair have hosted his interpretive exhibits. He is a project photographer for the Blue Earth, based in Seattle, WA and a nominee to the International League of Conservation Photographers.

An active conservationist for many years, Bruce is a member of the Board of Directors of the Ecuadorian Rivers Institute and former Coordinator at the Center for the Interpretation of Amazonian Ecuador.

To become a sponsor or partner in his current Blue Earth documentary project "Amazon Headwaters: Locals Working for the Global," visit or contact him at

His new enterprise, Raw Rainforest Immersion Photography Tours ( collaborates with 100% indigenous community-owned and managed tourism projects in the western Amazon basin.

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