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About me: ..follow me Welcome friends/fans/partners/beautiful women and are now viewing Bruce Lamagne's( Lah-Mane) Official Music Profile. I am honored to have you all join me on this spontanious rollercoaster I call the rap game. I am 20 years old( born March 28, 1993) and I was born in the magnificent city you would call Brooklyn, NY( I was raised for the majority of my life in Ft.Lauderdale, FL). I am the second peice to the group I am affiliated with called "Fly-University"( I partner with my teamate/cousin "Nsayne/ Rambo"). I have always been an articulate male, so I draw and make music to express all of my feelings that are bundled up inside me. I am a major girl addict and I love being a gentlemen to I also portray that in my music( I never degrate woman). I mostly rap about passed experiences and what I see in the world today.

I hope you enjoy the music on this page and leave comments; does not matter...good or bad...; and spread my name around. As I have stated before the name is "Bruce Lamagne"...enjoy! :)


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