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In 2009/10 Bruce’s debut feature film The Be All and End All competed at festivals in Rome, Seville, Chicago, Korea, USA, Norway, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Spain, the UK and Poland where it won the Ale Kino Audience, Jury and Youth Jury awards. It won Best Feature Film at Monte Carlo, Durango, Nashville, Washington DC and Schlingel Film Festival in Germany. Bruce himself won a Variety Critics Choice award at Karlovy Vary and The Be All and End All was also given the further honour of being selected to open the Minghella Film Festival in 2010.
Distribution for Be All has been secured throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Far East, USA - in total over 70 territories. UK theatrical release, opening at the Empire Leicester Square took place in December 2010.
Born in 1971 and growing up in Chorleywood, Hertfordshire, England, Bruce began his career as a producer with his first 35mm feature aged 25 and went on to produce over 40 shorts, winning a host of awards.
Recently he has acted as a co-producer on features such as Death At a Funeral (dir. Frank Oz) and Copying Beethoven (dir. Agnieszka Holland) and Haven (Frank E Flowers) through his company Whatever Pictures. These films totalled over $30m in budget.
He is currently refining the sales and distribution techniques to maximise profits for his investors and to get the most exposure for his creative work. Over the last year Bruce has been on the Jury for Zlin (Czech Rep) and Ale Kino (Poland), BUFF (Sweden) youth film festivals, he also is the creative director of the Isle of Wight Film Festival and external examiner to the Central Film School in London.
Bruce’s production experience has proved invaluable in his work as a director where he combines a strong creative vision and gift for storytelling with a fiercely pragmatic approach to production issues and financing and scheduling – experience gained from his many years of production work.
Bruce has also directed work for the BBC and Channel 4 drama and comedy as well as the UK Film Council backed short film Rare Books and Manuscripts which premiered at the 2005 Edinburgh Film Festival as well as 15 other festivals.

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