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Bruno Jorge was born at Recife, Brazil, in 1981 but moved to São Paulo at a very young age. He studied communications through a University program in Brazil; Documentary filmmaking at ESEC, Paris, France; and Master - “Arts du Spectacle” at ULG, Belgium. He also studied in Toronto, Canada and at EICTV in La Habana, Cuba. He has directed and edited more than 10 short to medium films to-date, including dramas and documentaries. His films have been selected and awarded prizes at many festivals all over the world, such as the Festival de Cannes and International Film Festival Rotterdam. Bruno has also worked as director in advertising, documentary and institutional films for important clients (Nestlé, ABN Amro Bank, Red Bull, Sony, etc) represented by many different production companies or with his own company João de Barro Cinema Independente. He has attended artists residency such as Talent Campus Berlinale, Germany and Festival 5 sur 5, La Louvière, Belgium. In 2011, he finished his first feature-length documentary “BECO” in Manaus, Brazil. At the riverside of a narrow arm of Rio Negro in downtown Manaus, families live in suspended blockhouses over what has become a huge urban dump. Sensitive issues such as family, religion and poverty put together a complex mosaic of poetic disturbing images. In 2013, his last short film "Contratempo" won the prize of best film at Festival do Rio by the official jury and the drama "Natureza Morta" won the prize of best cinematography 2013 by ABC Academy, Brazil. In march of the same year, he was invited for Cinémathèque Française, Paris to present a Retrospective of his work, as well as in Cineclube do Porto, Portugal, Cinemateca Brasileira, São Paulo and Kinoarte, Londrina. Currently, Bruno is post-producing his next documentary feature-lentgh film called "What I could be if I were" and he's working in his two first feature length drama films, "Tona" and "Corpos delimitados por fitas de trânsito".

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