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A jack-of-all-trades, but a master of none, is my biggest weakness but also my greatest gift since I have some insight into the work of various people and organizations. I have been assisting many organizations and enjoy it immensely. A lover of information and multimedia, I have spent much of my life gathering information about various things.

Activism. A viewpoint that wants to take responsibility of the status of the world in stead of pointing fingers at other people and asking why people aren’t doing anything. I enjoy taking part in youth work because of the importance of fostering a healthy self-image in the future of the world.

Adventure. I have not been to that many places if you compare me to some of my friends but where ever I am I seek to find the things that will amaze me and teach me more about me and life in general. (Wow this one sounds corny, but still is true)

Clowning! Yes, I learned from Juian the head clown of Circus Solar . And just so you know, clowning is more then meets the eye. The philosophy and effort amazes me to this day.

I have been in a Christian band and released a CD with 3 songs, but now I’m in the best known Gospel Choir right now in Iceland and have gotten then chance to sing with some really interesting people that me on my own I would not be crossing paths with because singing is still only a small part of my life. But we have performed on 2 DVD and many CDs and I just really loooove singing.

I study Education in the University of Education in Iceland. Big jump from studying graphic design in the Reykjavik Technical College because there I was free to study at my own pace

I help people travel to Iceland because I’m a member of and I try to help members get what they need when they are visiting Iceland--whether that be a place to stay, directions, or just a friend to party with. I want to have a friend living in every country so when I go on my "visit every country in the world trip" I might know somebody personally :-)

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