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"Dublin's Trap" was one of the first documentaries that demonstrated the rise of extreme nationalism in Greece in the wake of the economic crisis and the unprecedented influx of undocumented migrants.

It was partly financed by the Belgian Federation of Professional Journalists and shot in Greece in July 2011, at a time when Hrisi Avgi (Golden Dawn) was still a marginal political party.

The documentary is available here in French and in English, as well as with Greek subtitles.

Festival selection 2012-2014:

-Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (Greece)
-Festival des Libertés (Belgium)
-One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (Czech Republic & Belgium)
-Millenium International Documentary Film Festival (Belgium)
-Festival of Migrant Films (Slovenia)
-Helsinki Refugee Film Festival (Finland)
-Syros International Film Festival (Greece)
-8th UNHCR Refugee Film Festival (Japan)
-International Festival of Documentary Films on Human Rights “Bir Duino Kyrgyzstan" (Kyrgyzstan)
Diploma of the Jury: "For successful efforts to improve international legislation in the field of human rights"
-Festival cinéma d'ATTAC (Belgium)
-Kalamata Documentary Festival (Greece)


-ORF 2 (Austria)
-ORF 3 (Austria)
-Odisea (Spain)
-Canal Z (Belgium)

Distributed by Films Transit International Inc.


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