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Bryan Schaeffer
Seattle Creative Director, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Motion Graphics Artist.

Bryan is a true maestro who wields his BFA degree and his technical prowess to create immersive, larger-than-life experiences. His ability to bring brands to life with motion, sound and interactive elements has wowed audiences from around the globe.

Clients such as Microsoft, Port of Seattle, Premera, The Space Needle and others have had the thrill of seeing their brand identity transformed into a dynamic “visual composition in space and time” by Bryan. His extensive experience in creating motion graphics for high-profile events has involved everything from story-boarding concepts through overseeing the production of a 90-minute interactive presentation for Microsoft MGX, which was delivered live in Super HD on a 90-foot wide screen.

Bryan’s work for WaMu in Chicago beat out work produced by Daimler Chrysler to win the coveted National Event Marketing “EX” Award, and the Web site he designed for Darigold tied for Best Web Site Design in international competitions. Bryan’s Art Direction work on The Space Needle Web site won a Telly Award in Best Consumer Flash Web Site.

In addition to his full-time responsibilities as Director of Motion Graphics, and as a father of twin girls, Bryan also takes the time to teach. He shares his expertise and enthusiasm for design and motion graphics technologies, with students at the Art Institute.

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