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Saint Paul, MN, USA

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Bryan Schumann (June 11, 1985 - ) is a composer and performer based in St. Paul, Minnesota. He holds a B.A. Music degree from Augsburg College.

An eclectic composer, Bryan embraces an immense spectrum of music. He has written/produced orchestral, ambient, improvisatory, pop, rock, and folk, as wells as classical chamber music. He practices the amalgamation of these styles, and more, and is excited by the idea of crumbling the walls of genre.

Bryan’s works have been performed both domestically and abroad. He has received commissions and awards for his large ensemble and chamber works, and was awarded an American Composers Forum subito grant in 2009 to write and release his debut singer/songwriter album, Everybody Wants to Know. His song, Nothing Avenue, was the winner of the 18th Annual Eric Stokes Song Contest in 2013.

Bryan currently collaborates in writing music and performs as a guitarist with Sound Wave Hello and The Eclectic Ensemble. Bryan self-publishes his music under the Schumann Music / Beznau Publishing title.

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