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My name is Bryon Worthen. I am a Videographer in Burlington, Wyoming working at Gunwerks. I am the Video Production Director and I produce the TV Series Long Range Pursuit which airs on The Sportsman Channel, Wild TV and the Pursuit Channel. I handle all aspects of production from pre to post and work closely with the Executive Producer, Marketing Director and our Motion Graphics Editor to create and edit each episode. I’ve been with Gunwerks since January 2011 and in that time have filmed and edited for over 50 episodes. For more info on Long Range Pursuit, visit and to see all episodes of Long Range Pursuit go to

I started out as a Graphic Designer back in 1997, but I had an interest in filming and editing and while working at 8fish in Sandy Utah (April 2004 – October 2010), I got the opportunity to work on the Kick Start show as an assistant back in 2006. I discovered that I had a natural ability to edit and I moved up the ranks and became a full time editor some where around the beginning of 2007. Being an editor gave me a solid background to become a cameraman for the show. I expressed interest about running a camera and I was thrown into the mix early on. My experience includes Cameraman/Editor for the duration of the Kick Start show which started pre production in 2006 and aired on KSL in Utah, also in Idaho and Wyoming for 3 years. I was involved with every aspect of the show, from preproduction including filming, on location audio mixing, lighting, location scouting to post production which included ingesting footage, offline edit, online edit, building promos and final show output to various digital and analog formats. I also managed the output of the show and distribution to various stations including KSL in Salt Lake City and various stations in Idaho and Wyoming. The Kick Start show is Maverik’s very own Adventure Reality TV show that takes every day people on extreme adventures to “Kick Start” their lives. For more info about Kick Start, visit

Cameraman/Editor for Xtreme Tourist, a high paced adventure/travel show created by 8Fish in Sandy, Utah ( I was involved with the filming/editing of 7 episodes from season 1 with the same responsibilities as the Kick Start show. Extreme Tourist aired on the Untamed Sports Network and continues to air on various internet channels globally. I was responsible for managing the output of this show as well. For more info about Xtreme Tourist visit

With my combined experience from Long Range Pursuit, Kick Start and Xtreme Tourist I have had the opportunity to travel the globe to be involved with the filming of over 50 different adventure activities plus editing over 120 TV episodes, including (in no specific order) Long Range Hunting/Shooting, Rock Cross Racing, Paragliding, Skydiving, Rock Climbing, Urban Tactical Warfare Training, ATV in Moab, Snow Kiting, Bobsledding, Winter Survival, Spring Break at Little Sahara Sand Dunes, Sand Rail Driving, SWAT Training, Red Bull Stunt Plane, Scuba Diving, Deep Sea Fishing, Cave Diving, River Rafting, Widow Maker Hill Climb, Race Car Driver Training at Miller Motor Sports Park, Wake Boarding, Surfing (3 different adventures), Indoor Surfing, Indoor Sky Diving, Snow Boarding, Hiking, Monster Truck Racing, MMA Training/Fighting with Jeremy Horn, 2Moto Racing, Nascar with Kyle Busch, Mule Trek, Bull Riding, Fixed Wing Flight Training, Helicopter Training, Canyoneering, Fire Fighting, Steelhead Fishing, Hog Hunting, Snowmobiling (twice), Dog Sledding, Eco Tourism, Lucas Oil Off Road Truck Racing, Cattle Drive, Hang Gliding, WWII Fighter Plane, Kayaking, Fly Fishing in Belize, Spelunking, Kite Surfing, Rappelling, Mountain Biking, Spear Fishing.

With 10 years experience behind me as a Graphic Designer, I am very familiar/proficient with the Adobe Creative Suite and I have been editing with Final Cut Pro for over 7 years. I speak fluent spanish and I also have experience with After Effects, Motion, DVD Studio Pro, Soundtrack Pro and Live Type.

Check out my portfolio site:

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