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Bringing Sexy Back To The Marriage is a premier organization that provides holistic marriage enhancing, scripture-based education to the modern wife for inspiring the 3 Pillars of BSB:

Self Realization & Spiritual Exploration
Igniting Couples Intimacy
Increasing Sexual Satisfaction within Marriage

After discussing the topics of sex and marriage over a meal with married and engaged girlfriends of various ages and marital stages, Gail Crowder observed the overall lack, or avoidance, of scripturally endorsed sexual guidance available for today's wife. This lack, she observed, correlates to the alarming rise in the Christian divorce rate throughout the world.

Yearning to significantly reduce and eventually eradicate divorces, Gail went forward to create a secure, encouraging forum in which married and engaged women can unite to discuss fears and critical issues troubling the marriage and acquire the wisdom for becoming more efficient and happier women, wives and servants of God.

By placing her faith in this inspiring vision, Gail Crowder created Bringing Sexy Back To The Marriage to fulfill a critical need in today's marriages. It’s with the cooperation from the community and highly qualified, committed experts that Gail is able to enrich marriages, build stronger families, and help women achieve confidence on their individual path with God.

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